Overzicht van de prijs indicaties.




   In order to show the pricing model, an overview is given below.
   Keep in mind that not only the size of the painting is of influence in the price but
   also the age, originality and the amount of extra labour.

   In general the price is in straight line with the size, because how larger the object
   the more time and material is needed.

   Painting     13 x 18cm           250,-     
   Painting     23 x 18cm           500,-

   Painting     30 x 35cm           810,-

   Painting     30 x 40cm           850,-
   Painting     40 x 50cm         1100,-

   Painting     60 x 60cm         1250,-   

   Painting     80 x 60cm         1500,-
   Painting    90 x 110cm       3500,-